Online Equestrian Quiz No 2 - answers

The following are the answers to points T to Z

Type: A horse which is not of a specific breed but which fulfils a particular role such as a Carriage Horse, a Cart Horse, Hunter or Trotters.
Unsoundness: When a horse is diseased, weak and generally unfit for work it is said to be suffering from Unsoundness.
Vices: Bad habits or imperfection of character such as Windsucking, Crib-biting and weaving which are said to be due to boredom and develop in horses and ponies that are kept for extended periods in boxes without proper exercise.
Whip: An artificial hand held aid (stick) used to support and enhance the effect of the riders leg action.
X-Country: An abbreviation of Cross-country. One of the three disciplines included at horse trials. In X-country the jumps are solid and not built to be knocked down.
Yew: One of the many plants, shrubs and trees which are potentially dangerous for horses and ponies especially if eaten in excess.
Zebra markings: Markings on the legs which are remnants of a primitive form of camouflage and can still be found on ancient breeds of pony such as the Fjord or Highland.