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Esk valley Equestrian

The Horse and Mankind

It is said that the dog is man's best friend, however it is undoubtedly the horse that has played the greater role in the development of mankind.

The horse has been mans trusty servant as a mode of transport, and beast of burden in most aspects of his life.

Whether you find a man at work, going to war, participating in sport or simply taking his pleasure you will invariably find that during the course of history the horse has also been a loyal companion.

Many historical events would never have taken place without the horse, there would have been no Pony Express, no Charge of the Light Brigade, no Mobilised Postal System and no Sport of Kings.

The equestrian pages provide an overview of past and present roles of the horse, topics of interest, as well as testing your knowledge with some simple on-line quizzes.

If you are involved in any particular equestrian activity, have an opinion or would like to submit information or photographs for consideration of inclusion within these pages,WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU, so simply click your mouse HERE and access our contact page.

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